Are London Hotels Overpriced?

Is it actually so hard to get a fairly-priced hotel in London?

Many visitors to London certainly comment that London hotels are super-high-priced. Do they have a point?

“Pricey” is a hard notion to pin down. Occasionally you can spend a good deal and believe it was fantastic, while other times even “inexpensive” can be poor value. It’s difficult to find actual value!

The information tells us that London has the 5th most high-priced hotels in the globe. London hotels are even now less costly than Moscow, New York, Dubai and Venice (source:

An substitute review by Hogg Robinson signifies that hotel prices in London are in 10th area, behind cities this kind of as New York and Mumbai as nicely as really a handful of other people.

The poor news is that London is expensive due to the fact there is a lot of leisure and organization demand to go to the UK’s capital city. This sadly keeps prices high all through the year.

The excellent information is that there is great worth in London and London hotels IF you know in which to search. The essential is to search independent blogs (like the one particular linked at the bottom) and NOT rely on hotel or reserving websites which are only interested in selling you a room.

Ready for much more very good news? A separate survey (from the Economist) looked at the most expensive cities for all investing (past just hotel charges): this discovered that Paris and Copenhagen for illustration are a great deal much more costly than London.

Consequently even though London (and its hotels) may possibly appear quite pricey to visitors, this need to be understood in comparison with other benchmark cities.

At the end of the day, please don’t forget to reserve your London hotel as cheaply as possible by evaluating the very best on the web prices. By no means rely on the price tag from a single web site!

Do not be taken in by individuals so-referred to as “very best price guarantees”. They are usually covered by lots of legal wording to make it as tough as attainable for you to enforce them.

The author of this post is a London hotels “insider” who has his finger on the pulse of London hotel pricing. There are massive price differences for the exact same London hotel on distinct web sites, so it is quite effortless to get ripped off if you are not well-informed.

The solution is to use a one-click “price comparison” instrument to search lots of diverse web sites at the exact same time. This makes it possible for you to make sure that you are acquiring the very best possible hotel fee in London at any offered time. It now requires no longer to search thirty+sites with a single click than it does to search one particular web site!

For instance, the website on London hotels linked under searches 30+ online booking web sites to determine the greatest London hotel charge inside of a matter of seconds.

A hotel meta-search engine lets you come to feel secure that you’re obtaining the greatest feasible deal. It also implies you happen to be left with a lot more funds to get pleasure from London’s amazing bars, restaurants and theatres!

Ahead of reserving your London hotel, please ensure that you check out the London Hotels Insight website for trustworthy information on selecting your excellent London hotel. The blog is edited by the author of a book on London hotels and has a beneficial meta-search device which searches thirty+ sites to get you the cheapest deal.

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