Headshot Photographer at Simulacra Studio, London SW9

Simulacra Studio is located in Brixton, London SW9, it is a stunning ex railway arch with Victorian time period characteristics, a good deal of space with very substantial ceilings and a revamped industrial come to feel.

It truly is a second home to in residence photographer and studio director Francois, who’s been residing in London for 15 years.

Francois set about receiving the ultimate studio with each other ten many years in the past and although he says the studio will usually truly feel like a function in progress, they’ve been in the present premises 3 many years since moving from the collective room Whirled Arts.

‘With the new building we knew we could do everything we wished, but it is taken large refurbishing performs to turn it into a state of the artwork photographic studio, when we took it on it was pretty dilapidated’ states Francois ‘The first turnaround was just a couple of months, a deadline we gave ourselves as we previously had clients booked, but we have completed every thing ourselves by hand’.

The consequence is akin to some thing from a actuality Television make in excess of, searching at prior to and after photos the employees and crew at Simulacra Studio have transformed a close to derelict constructing into two completely equipped photo studios, a glamorous make up area with energy shower which appears like a ladies planet or Miss Universe candidate’s bedroom, (think Hollywood lighting round vintage mirrors and red velvet chairs) a balcony with leather chairs like a mini gentleman’s club and a fashionable green area, lounge/bar spot with pool table (also obtainable for private employ occasions).

This is unusual for any individual expecting a white walled box.

Francois is a Photographer for the fashion, editorial, and item or e commerce globe but some of his best function is portraiture and as a headshot photographer.

‘I enjoy shooting headshots and portrait photography, if I search at all my function or even from one particular complete shoot really usually I will select out the portraits and headshot photography as my favourite pieces.’

It’s straightforward to see why, check out out the portrait and headshot photography section of his web site www.francoisboutemy.com you’ll see stunning individuals, spectacular make up and results, bejewelled add-ons and above all just fantastic, exciting shots, some underwater or making use of powder and paint explosions, proving you can do a lot more than if typically attained with headshot photography.

So, who comes to Simulacra Studio seeking for headshot photography and what can you supply?

‘I’ve worked with versions, actors, authors, presenters and circus performers but typically someone demands a photo for their CV, LinkedIn page or for on the web and website use. Whoever the particular person is you want to develop something extremely large good quality, that will stand the test of time. The planet might be this selfie dominated Instagram dimension, but if you come for a professional headshot you are presently aware that this won’t minimize it for skilled use. Lighting is our second language and it really is incredible what you can construct with different set up’s. All our headshot photography packages provide lighting and set changes so your individual shoot will have various moods and alterations of make up and clothing also if you like. As a headshot photographer it is very individual, I usually ensure my clientele are one hundred% comfy with what we’re doing and I shoot on tether straight to a laptop so they can review every little thing as we shoot. They usually see excellent outcomes straight away which then makes them a lot more confident even now as we progress’.

Headshot photpgrahy packages are obtainable by contacting francois@simulacrastudio.com
View his private site www.francoisboutemy.com or the studio site www.simulacrastudio.com

Contact Us:
07960 124 249

Headshot photpgrahy packages are accessible by contacting francois@simulacrastudio.com

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