Consummate Photographic Providers and Headshots at London Studio.

Simulacra Studio, London shoot headshots for designs, performers and the corporate organization globe for on-line use, CV, Linkedin and so on. at their complicated in Brixton, London.

The appropriate headshot launches your presence beyond the written word and the proper professional headshot will present you in precisely the appropriate way.

On the surface this may possibly seem to be like a easy enterprise but this is no time for a cell telephone selfie or swift Facebook pic, decide on a suitable studio headshot comprehensive with studio lighting and set up to signify by yourself in the very best format.

Simulacra Studio specialises in style, editorial and product photography for retail but has huge success and artistic talent in portraits.

The outdated saying ‘The camera by no means lies’ is still correct, nonetheless the Photoshop revolution has also meant that almost something is achievable when presenting an image to the globe.

Every headshot is unique and you will have three various lighting sets up’s in your shoot, images are delivered via private online overview gallery in colour and black &amp white.

How you want to current yourself can assortment from classic, contemporary or visually striking and uncommon with use of any costume, make up or prop. Even though the latter may possibly sound overly adventurous for the corporate world customers have selected to be photographed holding a prop that mattered to them, anything considerable from an album sleeve to a tiny sculpture on one particular occasion and a sense of the varied and dramatic is often appropriate to a model or performer.

The client’s imagination is essential as the photo will be as unique as they are, although the guidance of an skilled photographer who often shoots trend pieces for Ralph Lauren is not to be overlooked! Such is the in property photographer shooting your headshot at these London studios.

There are a number of headshot packages to choose from, every single offering modifications of clothes and distinct seems to be and lighting options.

The studio itself is vast, properly equipped and an intriguing surroundings, there is a delightful make up suite with lit mirrors and barber’s chair, if you call for a make up artist one can be offered on request.

The studio feels innovative and vibrant but not overly sterile as some shooting spaces can be, there’s a fantastic warmth to this studio and it is historical past of being part of the railway arches of a prolonged closed down station, then a nightclub and now a state of the art photo studio.

Your headhshot will be taken in Studio A single the largest studio on site and although there are a lot of other headshot photographers operating and advertising in London couple of are working out of a massive, specialist photographic studios, many are simply rigging Colorama in a modest room, or employing a area for the day to accommodate customers back to back, this is not the exact same as being in the photographer’s very own studio where everything can be manufactured excellent.

Simulacra Studio’s headshot photographer also shoots on tether straight toa laptop exactly where you can see the images as quickly as they are shot, providing you the opportunity to select your favourites for re touch there and then or to have your input on the lighting, your stance or expression and any inventive material.

This is hugely advantageous as a customer, to see the benefits right away and yet again an instance of their forward thinking and client support.

Prior to reserving it is worth taking a very good seem at the in residence photographer’s portfolio which can be noticed right here:

It really is particularly well worth viewing the portraiture gallery.

The studio itself can be viewed here:

Please contact the studio to talk about your demands and suggestions, or to beek:

We look forward to hearing from you quickly!

Want an interest capturing headshot in London? Get your images shot at Simulacra Studio exactly where specialists turn portfolios into spectacular visual statements. We have photographers who know all about the relative values of publicity, camera aperture, picture angle, perception, sharpness and depth of the backdrop. For information on the packages go to

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